Monday, September 01, 2014

NANJING AUGUST 2014 - Luc Koenot

Nanjing indeed opened August 20. After Olympic services focusing on the first 5 stops of the line during the Olympics (August 20-28), service is now on the entire line. 3 cars are offering now an irregular 45-minute service on the 7,76 km long line with 13 stops from which the last 7 are in undeveloped but already infrastructured land. See picture taken of car 01 in an empty environment along a 2x (4+2) lanes road ! Special in Nanjing : overhead lines only at stops to recharge the Primove accumulators. The second line will open end of Q4.


The newest trams in Da Lian are a rather ugly locally built  'low floor' DL6WA type (but only low floor if at a platform stop, not too frequent) and some rather nice 1927 cars with art deco light fittings and very authentic sounds, which should alternate with the newer trams on route 201, but seems to be every 3rd or 4th.  Route 201 is  very slow as it is fighting the copious traffic most of the way along it's route. The fare on route 201 is terminus to railway station CNY1 and railway station to other terminus CNY1 necessitating fighting your way to the ticket machine if you ride across the railway station boundary.  Fares are either paid by smart card or notes into a fare collection box.

Arriving at Da Lian station

Da Lian DL6WA tram

Basic controls

All the DL6WAs we travelled on had loose covers on the seats

Route 201 in a much more pleasant livery

1937 car on route 201

Route 201

Route 201 at the seaside terminus, which has been cut back several stops due to building works

Interior view showing the old photos of trams in Da Lian behind the hand rails

Beautiful art decor type light shades

201 working its way through the traffic - note the easily remembered fleet number!


Route 202 is to have an LRV extension out to the distant suburbs of Dalian.  We caught tram 202 to the end of the route to try and find the LRV and were turned off the tram a few stops from the end of the route.  We caught a local bus which follows the route as far as the depot and then turned off into an area of new 'posh' housing.  We looked at the depot and then decided to walk along the side to see if there was any sign of the new LRV tracks etc.  After a short distance we were then confronted with tall hoardings and had to follow these with occasional glimpses through the gaps of some trackwork.  We walked about 1.5-2 miles in 30+ degrees C and eventually found a viaduct with the roofs of some cars showing and a station in the distance - that's dedication for you! (On our return we found a free shuttle bus between tram terminus and LRV station!). The current LRV service is between Cai Da Ling and Lushunxingang hourly, and takes 52 minutes running time.

Route 202 at the current terminus

Route 202 approaching terminus

The depot with a 1927 tram in view

Tops of LRV cars just visible on the viaduct

Road sign which spurred us on to keep walking!

Cai Da Ling Station the current terminus at the City end.

The single journey ticket costs CNY7, which is expensive comparatively to the CNY1 or 2 on the trams

Spare cars lined up on the viaduct outside Cai Da Ling station

View of the station.  As can be seen the service is lightly used at the moment.

LRV arriving  from Lushunxingang end

Builders plate


Shenyang has a new tramway built for the 12th Chinese National Games and opened in August 2013.  There is 70km of tramway with routes 1, 2, 3 and 5 in operation (although route 3 was not operating on the day we were there). Route 4 is in the planning stage and route 6 is under construction.  There are 30 trams built by Changchun - 20 of these are 100% low floor, the other 10 are 70% low floor and all have super capacitors and run in areas with no overhead.

Interior shot showing ticket machines and paper transfer tickets

Interior shot showing 100% low floor design

Route 5 in super capacitor mode on way from Airport

Route 5 in the city centre

Route 2 

Route 2

Route 5 with yet another area of apartment buildings en route to the Airport. (We were amazed by the amount of new building along the route to the airport and many new wide roads crossing the route with very little traffic at present.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


I have recently been on a visit to China and Pyongyang, DPRK, which was very interesting and enjoyable. Most people are aware I am not a trolleybus fan, but had to hide my scruples on this holiday - and they can be useful when air-conditioned (the temperature was 34 degrees C) and going in the right direction.

Trolleybus on route 6 among the traffic

Trolleybus overhead

Trolleybus without traffic in the way - don't know how that happened!

Saturday, August 30, 2014


 Progress in Manchester in preparation for the Second City Crossing and re-vamping of Victoria Station where trams are using the “southern” single line. Two photos taken on August 27th looking both east and west.
Also view in Rochdale of trams in the town centre.

Victoria east

Victoria west

GENT AUGUST 2014 - Frank Bagshaw

The city of Gent is worth a visit. Modern metre gauge trams running amongst old Flemish buildings, lots of interesting trackwork.  


Where have we seen one of these?
A well-remembered Vicinal tram
Brussels trams

This pre WW1 car and trailer were in service on the city tracks.

Friday, August 08, 2014


9 waiting to depart for Douglas at Laxey

7 at Laxey

7 running around 48 at Ramsey


Newly refurbished wagon no 10 at Ramsey

22 in Ramsey yard

16 crossing over in front of 20 at Ramsey

Cars queuing to get into Ramsey station with no 16 on Driver Experience in the background

Cars waiting in Ramsey yard

On intensive service day 47 had been shunted into the shed siding at Ramsey to allow for manoeuvres

No2 approaching Cornaa

22 approaching South Cape stop at Laxey